(continued story) "You're getting an eye for my Oto now?" Shoda joked, and he pretended to darken. Sakito was about to punch him when Renso shouted. "You guys!! Have you forgotten we're being held captive?" That brought both his brothers to seriousness quickly again. "Honestly, you'd think YOU two were younger." Renso continued, griping. "Yeah, let's find Oto and get out of here." Sakito agreed. Shoda crashed to halt as he said that, his spring green eyes wide with fright and horror. "WHAT?! Oto?? She's here too?" he demanded. Sakito hissed. "Quiet down you ass****! The guards are everywhere! Yes, she's here, she came on the mission to save you." "Why didn't you tell me?" Shoda raged. "They could be torturing her right now!!" He shoved Sakito aside and darted into the halls. "Idiot, you're gonna get us caught, come back!!" Sakito cursed, dashing after him. "I smell Oto, she's this way!" Shoda cried as he rushed. Sakito dearly hoped they weren't too late in helping her. He'd never forgive himself if the dame got hurt. They reached an end to a hallway when a man's limp body came hurling. Shoda crashed to a stop, barring his brothers’ way in time. The sentry met the wall and lay there, crumpled. "What the...? Who did that?" Renso gasped warily. Shoda sniffed. "Oto...?" he murmured. Not far off in the distance they heard a valiant shout. "Ninja Art: Lightening Jutsu!" Sakito felt a tremendous jolt of electricity zap him, causing his Woodland orange colored hair to rise up. He shivered a little. "Judging by that surge and the battle cry that's your Oto, Bro." he muttered, unhappy from the uncomfortable shock he'd gotten. "Oto!" Shoda yelled, running forward. There came a girl's fierce yell and his brother's hurried yelp and an explosion. "Oh no, Shoda! I'm so sorry!" The girl's voice cried next. Sakito and Renso hurried forward and discovered a remorseful but overjoyed Oto clasping their brother tearfully. "I thought you were an enemy, my poor Shoda!" Oto whimpered, her tears falling as she embraced him tightly.