(continued story) Oto held their brother tightly, in tears. "I'm just glad you're safe, Oto." Shoda affirmed, enfolding her too. "I thought they were hurting you." "I won't let anyone hurt me, Shoda. I have more strength then that." Oto claimed firmly. "But I care too much about you, I'm sorry you ever had to get involved in this." Shoda mourned. But before Oto could reply with some lover-dovey, sappy remark Sakito snapped. "Will you two lovebirds make love to each other later? If you haven't noticed, we're still in the lair of psycho's!" "Sakito's right, we have to find a way out!" Renso chimed in. Oto and Shoda swiftly complied but as they traveled the halls Shoda quietly questioned Oto. "How did you escape? How much strength did you use?" "Not much, really." Oto replied. "Taking out the guards was easy." "H-Hold on, you took out the guards?" Sakito sputtered, indignant. "Hey, which reminds me, how come you charged into Shoda's cell after you just told me not to? I thought you said it wasn't safe!" Renso also asked, poking Sakito's shoulder. His silver eyebrows were frowning. "Yeah, not for you." He replied easily. Renso gaped, stunned and angry. "Yes, I did take the guards, didn't you?" Oto responded, raising her eyebrows. Sakito pressed his lips. A girl took out the guards, while he, Renso and Shoda couldn't?? He scowled, his pride stabbed sorely. Shoda and Renso were miffed as well. But they couldn't be for long, Sakito realized. They had to get out and find the rest of their rescue squad. He wasn't going to meet his end here, not at the hands of these filth. And he wasn't going to allow anyone else to either. The teens followed the passages quietly through the hideout, completely blind to any way of escape... (sakito's part of story ended but the story itself will be continued on someone else's picture)