(continued story) "Y-You bet I will! Unless you beat me there!" Kaya smirked, though her eyes still held leftover tears. "You should get a head start, Moiji, before Kaya-Chan does. Your mother's gonna murder you, otherwise." Hiro commented in a low voice. Moiji's face drained of color. "Y-Yeah, I'll do that!" then Kaya's uncle raced off at the speed of a bullet. "No fair, Hiro." Kaya fumed as she wiped her eyes. "I wanted to cook his goose; it’s been so long since I tattled." "So... his mother is your grandmother." Hiro figured, obviously disturbed. Kaya caught it and giggled timidly. "Yes, that's right. It made Brother sick to his stomach too when they found out Moiji was going to be born. Moiji wasn't planned, he came shortly after me." She then blushed to realize she herself was in that same boat, Mom and Daddy hadn't planned on her either. "Anyway," she resumed, "Grandma is as terrible as Mom and Brother when she's angry. If she found out what Moiji did, he'd never been seen again." she declared solemnly but grinned. "You're very benevolent, Hiro, for giving that advice. You've saved a human life." Kaya kissed his cheek in thanks for saving herself as well. "S-Score kindness..." Hiro stammered, crimson, before falling down senseless on the dirt. Kaya gasped and giggled, kneeling beside her friend's body. "Hiro-kun, are you dead?" she poked him. (ended XD hiro fainted)