Keoshi Kamarge stood at her parents' graves. The 15 year old stared silently at the cold tombstones. Kamoki, her younger brother, gazed with her. "So, these are..." he began. “Mom and Dad's graves." Keoshi finished. Kamoki nodded sadly then noticed the third gravestone right to his father's. "Hey Keoshi, who's that?" he asked. Keoshi looked. "That's Uncle Risashi. Dad's brother." "Dad's brother?" Kamoki repeated. A flash of a russet-haired man, who looked much like his father, picking him up and swirling him around a living room, came into Kamoki's mind. Kamoki blinked. Was that a memory of his uncle? "Do you remember him?" Keoshi asked, though she doubted that. All his memories were sealed away, and any of Uncle Risashi would be blurry considering Kamoki was only 3 when their uncle died. "Well, I--" Kamoki started then noticed a tombstone beside his mother's that startled him. He stepped closer to it and stared hard at it. " we have another family member named Kamoki?" Keoshi glanced at him. "No..there's just you." "Then, you mind explaining this?" Kamoki demanded, pointing to the name on the gravestone. "Kamoki Kamarge, born 1995 died 2000." was inscribed on the gray stone. Surprise filled Keoshi's face. She had forgotten about his grave, how could she? "Right, that's your grave. You died from that epidemic too." Suddenly, before Kamoki could reply or Keoshi could explain more, they heard footsteps behind them. "Hey Keoshi, Kamoki! You guys ready to go?" their friend Malikai shouted to them. He stopped. "Wait, these are their parents graves, I should give them more time." Malikai scolded himself. Malikai walked up behind his friends, staring at the graves. One grave caught his eye. "Uh...Keoshi?" Malikai spoke up. "Yeah?" she replied. "Who's that Kamoki?" Malikai wondered, pointing at the grave as Kamoki did. Keoshi silently gasped, keeping her face hidden from Malikai so he couldn't see it. Oh could she explain this?