The young man was bleeding heavily from several wounds in his stomach yet he clenched his teeth, spitting out. "You can be a slave, Bast***, spilling innocent blood, be a murderer! But I won't anymore, da** you!" The man grinned nastily. "Little bast***. Got a brave mouth don't you? Let's see if you can handle these as well!" The man yelled while moving his finger towards the gun trigger. Keoshi leapt from behind the tree, threw herself in front of the boy, and brandished her dagger in hand. "Don't come any closer!" she threatened. The man cocked his head at her. "Who are the he** you? Have some backup ready to save your a**?" He didn't appear happy to kill another person. The purple-haired boy stared in shock at his mysterious green haired savior. Suddenly, the gun-wielding assassin cried out sharply in pain, and collapsed in a heap to the ground. Keoshi and the wounded boy gazed open-mouthed as the 13 year old Kamoki stood in view, his arm in the appearance of a hammer. Kamoki's expression was stunned. "It--It worked...." he whispered. He looked at his older sister. "Keoshi, you okay?" he asked. "Y-You idiot!! What the heck were you doing? I told you to stay in the bushes!" Keoshi gasped. Kamoki flinched at first, and then began yelling back. "Oh so I was supposed to let you get killed? The guy didn't know I was there! And look; now we're all safe!" Keoshi was about to give a scolding retort, when Kamoki's face flooded with worry. "Hey, Keoshi, something's wrong with him." Kamoki pointed to the boy behind Keoshi. The young teenager was slumped forward, motionless. "Oh no!" Keoshi gasped. She knelt down to the boy's side, checking his pulse. He couldn't die...they had just saved him! She didn't want anyone dying in front of her, ever again! But the boy's heartbeat was there, Keoshi felt it under her touch. Keoshi sighed in relief. "He's still alive, but he needs a doctor. He's bleeding bad." She whirled around to her brother. "Kamoki, we need to get him to a doctor!" (to be co