(continued story) Keoshi pulled at Daddy's pant leg. "Daddy did Mommy get sick like Grandma?" she whined. Daddy turned to her, looking uncertain and afraid for a long moment. It frightened Keoshi even more. "Keoshi, stay here." he said as he rushed out of the room. Keoshi heard Daddy pick up the phone, and talk frantically into it. He was talking to Aunt Sakura. "Sakura, get over here now!" Daddy was saying. "I need you. Watch the kids. Ryoko's sick, I need to get her a doctor." Mommy whimpered. Keoshi wanted to too. In the background, Kyoko was crying her bedroom, having been woken up from her nap. Kamoki walked anxiously into the room. His Magic Lamp eyes were terrified at the sight of their mother. "Keoshi, what's wrong with Mama?" he asked in a small voice. Keoshi didn't know what to say. She wished Daddy was here with them, he'd make everything feel better. Her father was pacing up and down a hall, often coming into the room and staying with Keoshi's mother. In a few minutes, Aunt Sakura came in the door, with Shizume, Keoshi's cousin. "Fusashi, what's happened to Ryoko?" she wondered, as frightened as Keoshi and Daddy were. Daddy swiftly walked into the living room. Aunt Sakura followed him. "I don't know, she’d been having a headache all day, and she said she can't see me. I need to get her to Kamajii." Daddy carefully lifted Mommy into his arms. Aunt Sakura pressed her hand to her mouth. Shizume stared at Keoshi, her pink eyes questioning and scared. "I'll be back later." Mommy continued to groan in Daddy's arms. "Daddy..." Keoshi whimpered, tears forming in her eyes. Daddy stopped for a moment and gazed at her. He tried to look as clam as possible. "Don't worry Keoshi, Mommy will be fine. We'll be back soon. Look after your brother and sister, okay?" Keoshi sniffled, rubbing her eyes and nodding. Daddy gave an encouraging look to Aunt Sakura and Kamoki and Kyoko and was out the door in a moment. *ended*