THUD! the loudest sound Keoshi ever heard penetrated the home. The 7 year-old glanced up from drawing. What was that? That scary sound had come from the living room. What if something broke? Mommy wouldn't like that. Keoshi Kamarge rose up and timidly walked to the opening of the living room, peeking in. Her jade eyes widened. "M--Mommy...?" Her mother was lying motionless on the floor, her long brown hair was in all directions, it looked like she had fallen down. Keoshi took a step closer. "Mommy?" she asked, fear crippling her. Mommy groaned, and feebly moved her head. "K...Keo-shi? Is..that you?" Mommy moved her hand, and lifted it weakly in direction of her. Keoshi anxiously kneeled beside her, touching her mother's hand. "Mommy, what's wrong? Did you get hurt?" "Wh--where..are you?" Mommy murmured. Keoshi trembled at her mother's words. "I--feel you, but I can't...see you." Keoshi saw her mother's eyes; they searched wildly around the room, but never rested on her. They looked strange, black, and blank. "DADDY!" the little girl screamed. She twirled around. "Daddy, help!!" Within a moment, her father came pounding down the hall. "Keoshi! What happened--?" he halted when he saw his wife. Instantly he flew over, and dropped by her side. He slipped his hand and under her head, tilted her head towards him slowly. "Ryoko, what's wrong?" he asked. Keoshi clung to her father's side. "My...My head...hurts so bad... Fusashi...I can't..see you." she reached her hand out to him, searching for his hand. Daddy grasped it tightly. "You're not there, its" Mommy said, her voice shaking, like she was crying. "Fusashi...its hurts. It…hurts so bad." Daddy bit his lip, his eyes wild with fear. Keoshi matched fearful glance as she gazed at him. Her grandmother, her mother's mother, had died a few days ago. Grandma had just gotten sick, but no one knew with what. Grandma hardly ever got sick, and she was so healthy and strong, how could sickness kill her? Mommy had been so upset, she had cried and cried.