Malikai Arakawa glowered at the smirking man in front of him. He gripped the handgun his father had left him long ago when the old man had ditched him. Right now, he must use it to kill the man he was facing down, in order to be accepted as an assassin for his employer, Orochimaru. As he glared down his opponent, Malikai couldn't help but think of how his grandmother's stomach would turn if she could see what he was doing. The older man in front of him stared down on Malikai fearlessly. He doubted some young teenager, really a kid, could kill him. "You know, I've killed kids before." he bragged. "So don't think you're gonna get lucky and live because I'm too soft to kill you." Malikai inside's blazed. He'd killed kids before? Maybe it was him! He pointed the barrel at the guy. "You killed kids? Then did you kill a girl in the Cloud Village last year?" Malikai demanded of the assassin. "I killed so many, I've lost count which village I've killed in." the man laughed. "Don't worry, if I did kill a friend of yours, you'll with them soon." Malikai growled. Bast***! Why should he be sorry killing him? The monster deserved it! Malikai lunged at the villian, and the evil killer vanished in the blink of an eye. Malikai skidded to a stop, looking this way and that for the assassin. "I killed brats and their entire families, some kids actually begged and cried for me to let them go." the villain cackled cruelly. His voice seemed everywhere to Malikai. Suddenly, he didn't know how to expalin it, but in his mind, he saw the assassin coming down on him from above, and in this image, he saw himself on the ground being shot by the killer. All in an instant, the image flashed through his mind, then Malikai blinked and saw the forest again. Suddenly feeling danger, Malikai looked up and just like in the flash he had just seen, the killer was floating above him, preparing to gun him down. Thinking fast, Malikai shot the gun had ready in his hand, and the bullet struck the man in the shoulder. *to be continued*