"Forgive us, we could do nothing while we were on that Ferris wheel. And then we had to run for our lives from Cheiko." Noel apologized, regret seeping in her tone. "What the he** are you both talking about? What're you sorry for?" Malikai snapped, frightened. "Your father, he battled Mother and he has not been seen since, Hitoshi and I fear he was killed." Noel explained sorrowfully. Malikai felt as if a lightening bolt had struck him, knocking him off his feet. He gazed in disbelief at the Akatsuki experiment, even though she was barely visible in the prison. "My dad, MY dad fought this mother bit**?" he repeated, the words sounded foreign on his lips. He fought a woman from the Akatsuki, an S ranked group of missing nin? Okay maybe Dad was about as strong as her, cause he'd been a pretty bad*** assassin back in the day, but Ch****, what was Dad doing? Noel must have perceived his puzzlement and anxiety for she added. "Mother and Jurake have known each other for longer then we have been alive. I told Hitoshi the entire history behind them. Mother was an anbu, sent to destroy the Cloud Village, her true name is Keiko Yashia, you might know it." As Noel spilled out the story Malikai grew sicker and sicker. He'd heard of an enemy in his village's history named Keiko but he just couldn't stomach that someone of the Akatsuki was an enemy of his father. "Your father fought Mother and caused her blindness, ever since she has sought revenge. I'm surprised your father never told you any of this." Noel remarked. "J-Jurake had-- a lot of enemies from his assassin days and he never liked to talk about that part of life. Especially around Kyoko." Hitoshi croaked. Malikai's heart was suspended in terror, relieving his whole life with Dad. Nothing could happen to him, he was too strong. "But, we did not see the outcome, he may be alive. Do not give up hope yet." Noel tried to reassure. "Last I checked he had vanished into nothing from my attack..." An evil, heartless, pleased woman's voice echoed.