Malikai Arakawa stared through blackness of his cell at his friends Hitoshi Armesha and Keoshi Kamarge, and across the prison hallway at Noel Yashia, a human experiment of the Akatsuki. They had all been kidnapped by Keiko Yashia, the controller of Noel and her experiment siblings. So far, the only member of the Akatsuki they'd seen was Keiko. Da**, they had really stepped in it, Malikai muttered to himself. "This is terrible..." Noel Yashia, a human experiment of the Akatsuki's sighed. "He**, it is!" Hitoshi answered her, fiercely kicking the wall of his cell. He sighed and directed his attention to Malikai and Keoshi. "I'm sorry I kept Noel and Hiro from you, I just didn’t think you would handle it.” he lamented. Malikai glanced at him, frowning. "Don't apologize, you idiot. Helping Hiro and Noel was the right thing to do; I would've done the same." "You mean that?" Noel's surprised voice reverberated across the hall. She began talking to Malikai, burdened with the sound of guilt in her tone. "I imagined I would bring your comrade much danger... Perhaps I should have ceased contact with him and just vanished but—he was the first man to treat me as a person. And my Hiro looks up to him as a father." Noel smiled at the little boy and continued. "But to think again, this consequence would have been brought sooner or later with you all continuing your activates in finding Sayla ...even if I had not involved myself with Hitoshi.” “Da**, I just wish I could get a word somehow to my dad!” Malikai hissed, jerking his chains. "He’d be able to get our ass** out of here!" There was a strange, horrible silence that followed his remark and Malikai caught it instantly. His golden narrowed his eyes. "What? Is something the matter?" Hitoshi wouldn't look at him. "M-Malikai... I didn't want to... Oh G**..." he murmured, his tone raspy. Keoshi also recognized the reluctance and grew pale. "What? Hitoshi, what's happened to Jurake?"