(continued story) Hitoshi smirked, which enraged the men. "I said you're a worthless pawn, ass****. All of you are." he repeated as the blood dripped down his mouth. The assassin snarled and lost control of himself, preparing to fire. Hitoshi braced himself for the killing bullets. So, this was it... He should've figured this is how his life would end. It was his own fault, getting involved in assassin life. He wondered if the slugs would end up in his brain and kill him instantly or worse, a slow agonizing death. "Dad... Maybe...I'll finally get to be with you again. And Mom too..." He speculated inside as he waited for his end. He hoped he would see his parents again. He pondered where he would go after this; he hoped it would be with them. Just then, his would-be killer cried out sharply. Hitoshi jerked his head up to see the man being tackled by a gun-wielding teenage boy his own age with purple hair. Who the he** was he? And was he a friend or another person to fear? Suddenly, his vision grew hazy. Hitoshi had pushed himself far beyond his limits, and he could feel his mind descending into blackness. He fought to stay awake. Da*** it, no! He had to see what was happening! Would the mysterious guy defeat his pursuers? Vaguely, he heard the teen shouting, who was he shouting to? Hitoshi then saw a figure kneel beside him. He gasped, glancing frantically at it, fearing it was another killer wielding a weapon. Oh sh***!! But this figure was a teenage girl. A pretty girl with strange green hair that shielded one of her jade eyes. She was kneeling down beside him, talking to him. She didn't look anything like an assassin, or a killer for that matter. What was she saying to him? His hearing was going with his eyesight it was difficult to make sense of her words. Darkness overcame him and he couldn't resist it anymore. "Don't worry, you'll be alright! We've come to help you..." the female's voice soothed him as he became lost in nothingness. (ended)