Shizume Kamarge stared sadly at the pile of Masato's luggage sitting on the grass. Her friend Masato was leaving today, to go to college in someplace far away. Masato had wanted to become a doctor since he was 7, and now he was going to accomplish that. But Shizume wished he didn't have to leave. She hated people leaving, why did he have to leave too? Her cousin, Keoshi, trudged out of the house, scowling. Behind her came Masato, Masato's father and mother, Kenji and Mitsuki, and her own mother. "Masato, are you sure you have everything packed?" Aunt Mazari fretted. Masato nodded. "Yeah, Mom." Mitsuki, Masato's teenage sister, rushed forward, imprisoning the 12 year old in a crushing embrace. "Oh Masato, how are you going to survive without us?" she mourned. Masato struggled to answer through her tight hold. "I' ..that." Mitsuki released her younger brother. Shizume suddenly felt tears brimming in her pink eyes. She wanted to trap Masato in a hug and never let go. He was going away to a place she couldn't follow, like Daddy and Uncle Fusashi and Aunt Ryoko, Keoshi's parents. And she couldn't stop him. Masato plodded over to her and Keoshi, he was trying hard to smile. "I'll see you in awhile, Shizume, Keoshi." Something rose in Shizume, and she couldn't hold it in anymore. She burst into tears. Shizume's mother slipped beside her. "Oh, honey..." she soothed gently, placing her hand on her daughter's shoulder. Shizume couldn't stop her crying, and only wept harder. "I---I'll m--miss you, M--Masato!" she sobbed. Her cousin, Keoshi, scowled even fiercer then before and glared daggers at Masato. Masato looked like he'd been stabbed. His face washed over with guilt, but then he looked at his own father, and then his mother. Masato then took a deep breath. "I won't be gone forever." he assured Shizume and the rest of the on-lookers. Taking up his luggage, Masato started down the road with his father with a final wave. Shizume returned his wave, still sniffling loudly. *ended*