"Here you go, sir. My finest ramen." the head chef presented the large bowl of noodles to the teenage boy. Masato Hashimoto thanked him politely, then stared down into his bowl of food. "Um..okay, how can I do this?" he pondered silently. Masato had his right arm bandaged in a sling, for it had been badly broken. Now Masato wondered how he would eat without it, for he was right-handed. "Guess I'll just use my left." he shrugged. He stretched his left arm to pick up the chopsticks, but found the action of feeding with his left arm was hard. Shizume Kamarge, his close friend, sat watching him from the stool beside him. She moved close to his side. "You need some help?" she volunteered. Masato looked over at her, he felt like he was blushing. "I-I'm fine." he responded hastily. He couldn't let his friend feed him, that looked so stupid. "Masato, you're dropping food on the table." Shizume remarked, laughing. "I think you need help." Masato finally agreed to let her help him, and Shizume began carefully feeding her injured friend. Masato felt awkward. They must look like a couple in so many ways... A waiter stood gawking at them from the kitchen door. "You two kids on a date?" he asked, seeming to take humor in watching the two teenagers. Masato's head shot up at the comment, and he tried to explain frantically as chewed his food. That was a mistake, for he started choking. Shizume touched his shoulder. "You need me to help you? I know the Heimlich maneuver." she asked, worry flooding her face. Masato waved her off, banging his fist against his chest. Finally, after a few moments, he could breathe again. "She's just a friend is all!" Masato cried out to the smirking waiter. To get his mind off the embarrassing question, Masato began thinking of other things. But all he could think about was...Minato. Minato, his younger brother, had almost murdered him, their mother and father, and Kamoki, Keoshi, Malikai, Hitoshi, everyone he knew.