(continued bio) Realizing the cure just might lay with those who survived, like himself, Masato decided to do a test. Taking a horrible chance that would prove fatal to him if he was wrong, Masato injected the germ into his blood, and waited. After a few hours, nothing happened, he never got any symptoms. Staring at his blood under a microscope, he saw that his blood was resisting the germ, and didn't allow it into his cells(its a special gene that scientists say is what saved some people during the Black Death, and they believe it may help cure Aids. I'm using that same concept in this story). In a brainstorm, he figured it out if he could isolate what resisted the germ, and inject in Kamoki, it might save him. Working fast, his theory succeeds and Kamoki is saved from a second death. Masato's cure comes in the knick of time for many other people as well, as Kimiko launches a second outbreak of the disease, in a last ditch effort to kill everyone around Shizume that protects her, once for and all. But Masato's cure ruins that scheme, and the two families, and many other others, survive. fears--bounty hunting(the whole family does), the disease that killed his siblings and Keoshi's parents, and losing anyone he loves(like Shizume) dislikes-- being teased, Hitoshi's flirting with Shizume, Keoshi's cooking,(she's a horrible cook) and feeling helpless. likes--anything Shizume cooks, helping people, making a difference. love--if you hadn't already guessed, its Shizume Kamarge! song--Without You by Breaking Benjamin (profile ended)